Dalva Back Room Closing?


Reader Dervish wrote in with some troubling news:

Dalva bar has closed their hideout. Worse, their not closing it at all, rather their building another bar back there and prohibiting smoking…

As a fan of the Dalva back room (it looks like sexy France!), I hope Dervish has been misinformed.  There’s nothing more enjoyable than showing up early (p.s. they open at 4) and  filling that space with 10-15 of your closest smoker friends.

Just a rumor so far, folks.  Anyone know more?

(Photo courtesy of montgomery r.)

10 Responses to “Dalva Back Room Closing?”

  1. M.A.C. says:


  2. tommyc says:

    Dervish, please watch the film Henry Fool. Thanks.

  3. olu says:

    This is terribly sad news.

  4. D says:

    What? You gotta move, Kat!

  5. Haggie says:

    I thought the back room was for making out with fat Goth chicks so your friends walking by the front of the bar wouldn’t see you…

  6. T says:

    Gasp! You mean, folks will have to go OUTSIDE to smoke? Like, out in all that harsh weather San Francisco doesn’t have? Like, all the way, out there, out the front door–and then all the way back inside when they’re done?

    The horror!

  7. Dan says:

    if you go through the back door in that room theres a ladder and you can get up the roof. dont get caught though.

  8. newshound says:

    this smoking thing is so over. sure you are cool, sexy and arty now. but how stupid do you need to be to not get that most of you will end up n SF general spitting up blood and in incredible pain. hell on earth.

  9. chalkman says:

    let’s just say that not only cigarettes got smoked back there….

  10. Chancevmr says:

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