Katharine & Ryan Still Got the Goods

Forget all the hoopla about Quince opening up last night.  Who gives a fig when the real phoenix rising is none other than our beloved Katharine and Ryan formerly of Broken Record fame? The two wonder-chefies made their triumphant return to the SF food scene last night as guest chefs at Mission Street Food.  After a short sabbatical and BBQ recon mission, the duo are back kicking ass and taking names.  Everything we had was super delish and we were lucky enough to get some unbelievable bacon palmiers for the road. Score! Look for Kat and Ry’s new restaurant which will be run out of Bruno’s kitchen in about a week or two.  We’re just dying for one of their pulled pork sandwiches! Mmmmmm.

Oh yeah, if you haven’t heard the news already, M.S.F. is now accepting reservations!

Some folks hadn't heard about the new reservation system.

These dudes didn’t know that M.S.F. was taking reservations.

Katherine doin' her thang.

Katharine whippin’ up the good stuff.

We demolished this fried mac & cheese, Japanese dirty rice, & Peanuts soaked in RC cola

Fried mac & cheese, Japanese dirty rice, & peanuts soaked in RC cola

Holy cow, these bacon palmiers were amazing!

Holy cow, these bacon palmiers were amazing!

-Ashleigh Cole

2 Responses to “Katharine & Ryan Still Got the Goods”

  1. Mission Mistaken says:

    So much fin I can’t stand it. Could we not get permits to do a Mission Street food event by night someplace outdoors — no dumb loud music or dumb loud people, just tables & food & friends?

  2. Mission Mistaken says:

    fin is Finnish for fun

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