Rumormonger: Harassed Skater Bois Spotted With a Real Photographer

From Mission Mistaken:

On my way home today, I swear to god I saw our skater boys from the ‘SFPD arrest of skater punks’ video from a few days back.

North of the Market St. Safeway, a few blocks off of Duboce Park.

If I’m not mistaken, they were about to be photographed by what appeared to be a REAL photographer.

If anyone has the inside scoop, I’m sure my fellow (long suffering) MM readers would love to get the skinny.

I’m too lazy to do any real research on this*, but I’d put my bets on the Chronicle doing a followup story in which they don’t credit us with breaking the story.  Either that or TLC was shooting the promotional photos for the upcoming reality show, A Day In The Life of Some Skaters Kinda Made Famous By a Minor Local News Controversy.

* Commenters and tipsters, do your thing

5 Responses to “Rumormonger: Harassed Skater Bois Spotted With a Real Photographer”

  1. Devin says:

    Zach Stow is local and he’s pretty good. Thrasher posted a sponsor me video but the footy seemed like it was a little old. Maybe he was updating his reel?

  2. mcas says:

    Maybe it had something to do with coverage from that hunk of man, John Avalos, who is using the video to change the skateboard ban in SF:

  3. Ben says:

    Pretty frequently there will be a group of kids skating in front of the Armory(now at 14th and Mission and it’s not too uncommon for them to have a friend with a decent-looking camera in the crowd, but I’m pretty sure they’re just recording videos to post on Youtube instead of protecting themselves against abuses from The Man. I’m no expert on skate culture, but I think that’s fairly common these days. You sure it wasn’t something like that?

  4. thizz says:

    i dont understand why this kid is such a celebrity? because he got rousted by the cops because he called him an asshole under his breath? thats a puss move right there, he should have man’d up and not said shit and aint shit would have happened to him.

    skaters get fucked with all the time by cops. being told your arm is going to get broken in front of all your friend is NOT the worst thing thats happened. ive been attacked by priests before for skating on churches. PRIESTS. just because he posted his shit on youtube, now hes got a hardon for himself. please keep fueling this hardon you worthless group of internet hipsters

  5. balls says:

    SF is a mecca for professional skateboarding. There have been more skate videos filmed here and more magazine ads shot here than any other city in the world. So yes, seeing as these are sponsored skaters we’re talking about, they most likely had a “real” photographer. Believe it or not these “skater punks” get paid when a magazine runs an ad of them.