What's up with the new 12 Galaxies?


Since when does the Mission have lines?

When I walked by this scene Saturday night, I saw so many popped collars I figured that Kelly Clarkson was throwing a a last-minute show and the promoters were giving out free lines of blow with complementary subscriptions to the Wall St. Journal.  Turns out it was just world night with a cover charge.

I couldn’t help but see the irony in the fact that the homepage for The Blue Macaw was “Suspected Malware.”  Places like this have certainly had the collateral effect of ruining once-awesome neighboring spots.  Doc’s Clock, previously awesome via shuffleboard, $2 Olympia, Connect Four, and support of dogs, is now frat-house overflow.  Latin America Club is inundated with girls in heals that clearly cannot handle a pint full of tequila.

Screen shot 2009-10-12 at 8.53.21 AM

Getting past the security warning, the about section (written in Comic Sans) tells the story:

Smart, exotic with a bit of the flamboyant thrown in. That’s the ambience at the Blue Macaw, soon to be San Francisco’s most stylishly urbane night club. If you want to see or be seen, or mingle, experience the DJ parties Saturday nights and take in the diverse shows the rest of the week.

This Yelp reviewer nails it:

It’s sad that this was the heir to the 12 Galaxies’ legacy.  In this Bizarro landscape,  world music is the new noise rock.  Mojitos are the new Fernet & Pabst.  The North Face polar fleece is the new hoodie.  Take your faux-deco and drive it back to Concord.

American Apparel was the wrong fight.

21 Responses to “What's up with the new 12 Galaxies?”

  1. M.A.C. says:

    oh god are we all going to start talking about how great 12 Galaxies was even though no one ever went there except to see their friend’s band play?

  2. Old School says:

    Dude, all those bars jumped the shark before you guys even started blogging. If you’re gonna play the “back in my day” card, do it right.

    e.g. Bender’s was awesome before the bicycle people took over.

  3. M.A.C. says:

    I’ve taken a peek inside the Blue McCaw and it definitely sucks, but let’s not start talking about how we should have fought to keep 12 Galaxies. No one went there to hang out and listen to new bands. They went to see their buddies play, then headed out for the Mission Bar or Docs Clock about five seconds after the last note.

  4. Nah says:

    I looked at doing an event there a while back, took one look in side and took the event elsewhere. Stylish, not at all, sorry.

  5. AGHB says:

    …Worst sign/logo ever. Never been in. Never will. These days you need to trek out to 37th/Balboa to avoid this grotesque influx of Lame (note the capital “L”).

  6. john b. says:

    I can only assume you didn’t go to 12 galaxies yourself as you weren’t really sad to see it go, which makes me wonder how you know “no one ever went there except to see their buddies bands.” And do you mean that new bands didn’t have “buddies” of their own? Kinda confused by your comments.
    Also, what was wrong with the 12 galaxies? It was a venue, a place to see live music, what else do you need? Well I’ll tell you what you got, another place to go where guys put cologne on their balls and girls who look like trannies in makeup (probaby redundant). Enjoy the demise of another music venue that (deserved to go?????) belly up.

  7. Shouldnt B. Readingthisblog says:

    Dumbasses…did you bother to look at the color of all the legs in those miniskirts in line? All Brown. All those people were, ahem, “of color”. I was across the street that night and thought it was super cool to see a large group on non white-ass marina jocks and blog whiners lining up to get hyphy or whatever. More power to the macaw or whatever. 12 Galaxies was never well used…way too much space to fill and I think they lost their cabaret license, so when the bands that could fill it, could no longer play – it died. BTW, Doc’s was chill, too – no hyphy kids want to watch whitey in flannels play shuffleboard.

  8. Shouldnt B. Readingthisblog says:

    I’m a whitey.

  9. jimbeam says:

    It still sucks. I was at Doc’s Friday and i couldn’t believe the number of “Marina” types I saw on the street. Blah blah blah whatever you want about this, but sometimes it’s cool to have difference in neighborhoods. We don’t need another Marina.

  10. johnnymeow says:

    everybody (in the mission) knows to stay away from the mission on the weekends if you dont want to be around marina people.

    Anyways, just go on another night to docs, any sun-thursday night the shuffleboard line is non existant.

  11. jimbeam says:

    Yes, I am aware of this. Also, there are some bars that are still good on weekends. Unfortunately, the trans-bay commute makes weekdays hard these days. It’s just crazy how different the hood is since I left less than 6 months ago.

  12. chucky says:

    Oh Jesus fucking Christ KevMo, grow the fuck up. What a tragedy, people who are different than you dare come to *your* neighborhood and patronize a business. What, would you rather see another empty building in the neighborhood? Let’s face it, people in the neighborhood didn’t support 12Gs, so they had to close. I saw plenty of good and memorable shows there. Where were you? At home blogging or some shit? If you don’t come out to support your local venues that feature entertainment that is in line with your personal taste, then don’t bitch about a business that replaces it that may not cater to your taste or “crowd”.

  13. tacoholic says:

    Manic Hispanic tore that place up!!!! R.I.P Republican Frank Chu’s free Bud tall spot.

  14. M.A.C. says:

    I saw many of my friends bands play there, and the only people there were their friends. Every time. I think it’s lame that the lack of neighborhood support is what closed it, but now we’re all bitching cause some “Marina-ish” bar has moved in.

  15. meave says:

    man that is not comic sans.

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