Attention Value Customers: Malai Thai is Close

Luckily they can make better food than signs.

Luckily they can make better food than signs.

MrEricSir brings us news that Malai Thai is closed up through the end of the month.  Worst of all, the sign failed to tell us why.  My brain tells me it is for remodeling, but my heart knows it is because the owners want to be the next people to jump on the “let’s open a mediocre pizza place around Valencia Street” train.   OH WHAT IT’S TRUE.


12 Responses to “Attention Value Customers: Malai Thai is Close”

  1. MrEricSir says:

    It’s “costomers.” Not “customers.”

  2. troymccluresf says:

    Hey, π has damn good beer.

  3. mcas says:

    Why would they want to open another pizza place there? De Ja Vu Pizza is the best pizza in SF and a 1/2 block away…!

  4. johnny0 says:

    I’d like to see you spell something in Thai. ฝรั่งตาน้ำข้าว.

  5. mawkus says:

    That place totally blows. Yeah it’s “close” to my house, but I never go there as bangkok 16 is significantly better.

    And Deja has the lock on mediocre pizza.

  6. Isore says:

    Arinell has the best Arinell’s pizza in the area. Deja Vu has a better thing going if you actually need food inside you for survival. Arinell’s is good for super-thin crust (no wait, not Neil – the pizza), but you can’t live on that with a sprinkling of G.G. Allin alone.

  7. Isore says:

    Mulai is getting new floors and stuff.

  8. Isore says:

    Didi type Mulai? what a fuckin Farang.

  9. I used to live at 417 Guerrero and I could see out of my bedroom window into their kitchen. The family that runs that place is AWESOME. They’re some of the nicest people ever and I still have yet to find a moo kra tiem (pork w/ spicy lime sauce) as good as theirs.