A Message to n00bs

SF is fag friendly.  If you’re into retards, go to Portland or some shit.

Restroom door at El Zocalo.   Taken from The Tens.

6 Responses to “A Message to n00bs”

  1. Drew says:

    Yes, please play nice. I don’t want to move back to Portland or anything.

  2. Sean says:

    What’s a n00b?

  3. kwk says:

    Funny Portland should be mentioned by the stereotypical Mission Hipster/Bicycle Yuppies types. This video is as if a group of the kind of people that were in SF in 1979 walked into some kind of time portal and reappeared in Portland 30 years later:
    Storm Part 3.

    From this one must conclude that Portland is a better San Francisco than San Francisco. It sure ain’t a bunch of lame cell phone photos passing as “art”.

    • swill says:

      That’s more navel-gazing than any of us can handle.

    • Mrc says:

      Speaking as a Portland resident, we certainly have our share of irritating hipsters and yuppie douchebags too (many of whom hail from California, incidentally).

      The biggest difference, so far as I can tell, is that most people here don’t act like Portland is the center of the known universe and reflexively talk shit on other cities as a kind of crypto-snobbery.