The World's Best at La Taqueria


A bold new sign from La Taqueria: “The Best Tacos & Burritos in the Whole World.”

The ENTIRE WORLD, you guys.  You would have to leave Earth to find better.

And finally, an end to The Big Burrito Battle.  Suck it, LA.  And the whole world, for that matter.

Thanks to Eric for sending in.

25 Responses to “The World's Best at La Taqueria”

  1. Leef Smith says:

    Wow! I’ve been eating here for over 25 years and they’ve have had the sign inside proclaiming world supremacy for a loong time. Putting the word out on the street in bold indeed, but true, especially on the taco front.

  2. Eric says:

    Never tried this place, but I’m hard pressed to find something better than Taqueria SF over there on 24th.

    #2 place is Taqueria El Castillito on GG Ave in the Loin.

  3. Awwwdrey says:

    i saw some garbage on valencia st this morning and an open sign in a store front and forgot to send in a tip. i hope somebody doesn’t beat me to the punch

  4. M.A.C. says:

    my favorite tacos are the carnitas with cheese across the street at Taq. San Jose. Favorite burrito is Castilito on Church across from Safeway. Fascinating, I know.

  5. johnny0 says:

    I want that on a t-shirt.

    Come on, Awwwdrey, sign burrito=quality post.

  6. carlos says:

    i dunno, i’ve been feelin Vallarta.

  7. Dan says:

    Sorry for the potentially stupid question. There are no cripsy tacos on the menu at La Taq that I can see… Are the crispy tacos that I hear people talking about something you have to ask for? Or is there just one kind of taco and some people happen to think it’s crispy?

    Thank you for your patience, this is really important to me.

  8. Chris says:

    They misplaced the sign, they clearly meant to install it on El Tonayense.

    The one intended for La Taqueria actually reads ‘Tacos and Burritos that aren’t that great!’

  9. Inspector Clouseau says:

    La Taq -they’re good and runny, nice and drippy….destroy all the dry-ass food logs from the Little Castle, Little Lighthouse, Little Chingero, etc. La Taq pioneered the high prices that errbuddy copied, too. *Speaking of 24th St Pioneers…who remembers when Pioneer Chicken on 24xMis was sold to some Pakistanis and they just altered the ‘P’ and continued as Fioneer Chicken. If you dont know about that you are not as crust as me bitch. 80s shit, newjack posers, U put the U in poseur. ohsnap.

  10. Inspector Clouseau says:

    Roberto’s drive through burritos in SD used to be killer, too. LA is taco-town #1, especially in Whittier.

  11. The best tacos & burritos in the whole world?

    Funny, I didn’t know they moved down to So Cal.

  12. codesmith says:

    La Taqueria doesn’t have rice! They don’t put rice in their burrito! That instantly disqualifies them from the running…

    • Ohlo Seco says:

      La Cumbre didnt put rice in burritos until about 7 years ago…..if you think rice belongs in burritos, you are new to the scene. Real OG burritos dont have rice…rice is a frisco jam…..Rice-a-roni, right?

    • Concerned Guajolote says:

      A burrito without rice is like foie gras without a tortilla.

  13. Concerned Guajolote says:

    By far, by ten zillion light years, the best burritos that anyone might ever have reason to come across is a tie for first place between “Los burritos de Moyahua” on the highway in Zacatecas and Jalisco, and possibly “Burritos Chostomo” in San Jose de los Cabos. Lots of others are probably tied for first place but I am sure none of them are in fucking SoCal.

    The best tacos in the world are at “El Paisa” on Montevideo street in Mexico city. Tied for first place is a stand next to the Oxxo at the Ninos Heroes monument in Guadalajara. Also tied for first place are about 10,000 other spots from Tijuana to Playa del Carmen that average several thousand miles distance from LA, which nevertheless and unfortunately is about 5x better Mexican food-wise than San Francisco (But then, so is Berkeley, go figure.)

  14. Jodella says:

    HELP! I’ve been a La Cumbre fan for 20+ years (yes, I prefer rice in my burrito). However I recently moved to Santa Rosa and have been trying to find a decent burrito up here to no avail. Anyone have any suggestions? thanks!

  15. mike says:

    weak ass burritos. cancun baby!

  16. Inspector Clouseau says:

    I got plastic in my can-cun burrito. that place stinks.

  17. Jesseygm says:

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