Rosamunde Sausage Shop Nearly Erected

The next chapter of the Rosamunde saga!  Emma sent us this mouthwatering shot of the newly built facade on 24th and Mission.  Peace out, Cafe Arguello!

The chapter after this one will involve them finishing the sign.  Then the chapter after that will outline the restaurant opening.  The shocking conclusion will be you trying a sausage and deciding whether you like it or not.

Though an ambitious effort, this book is crazy boring.

5 Responses to “Rosamunde Sausage Shop Nearly Erected”

  1. [...] openings on the way though! Rosamunde Sausage is almost ready for their launch party on 24th and [...]

  2. chris says:

    haha you said erected

  3. ELMER says:

    This really lubricates my bowels!

  4. candlestickkid says:

    More Weiners in the Mission!!!!!!!!!

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