Mission Mission Commenters Discuss NYE

(YouTube)  Thanks Amanda!

8 Responses to “Mission Mission Commenters Discuss NYE”

  1. Cosmic Amanda says:

    Awesome. We are so cool.

  2. jimbeam says:

    So what’s the address?

  3. Ariel Dovas says:

    I will be there AND I will be square.

  4. Mission Mistaken says:

    I have hosted at least 300 mostly wild parties. Oddly, toilet issues (aside from access) have never come up. But the best was a Halloween costume that included little else than body paint and left a sort of “shroud of douche” on the white sofa.

  5. murphy says:

    thank goodness i already know where he lives.

    i’m eating HUGE all day to try to clog it up.

  6. Bob Dole says:

    Someone let us know if it turns out to be a sausage fest. I know all the hot girls are gonna be slamming down body shots at the bars tonight.