New Vegan Food Truck "Sunny Vibrations" Now at Dolores Park

How many late-’00s Mission District memes can you fit into one subject line?  Apparently not all of them:

Q:  What makes your ‘Taco Truck’ so different?

A:  First, we don’t even sell tacos, second we don’t just sell food but we are a community hub for health conscious people and are educating youth on organic gardening. (link)

I wonder what the ’10s will bring for Mission ‘food culture’?  Hopefully a little less pretentiousness.  SFoodie, food journalism’s equivalent to Fox News, continues to refer to the “alt food“ trend as a “movement” and “revolution.”  Kind of a shame; I used to really enjoy eating from the generally delicious food carts, but now I have such a hard time looking past the fact that I’m walking right into a narcissistic Twitter circle jerk every time I stroll down Linda St.  Henry Ford invented the automobile.  When are you guys going to figure out that you just toss salad?

17 Responses to “New Vegan Food Truck "Sunny Vibrations" Now at Dolores Park”

  1. MrEricSir says:

    Sometimes after I eat from a food cart, there’s a revolution in my intestines and in my ass. Maybe that’s what they’re referring to?

  2. Bodah says:

    Kevin: your best post to-date.

  3. Sean says:

    Yeah, those pretentious assholes, teaching kids about food that doesn’t come in packages. Everyone knows global warming is all because of vegans. Selfish smarmy bastards, every one.

    Grow the hell up and deal. San Francisco is the king capital of self-satisfied hippie-eqsue movements, but a lot of why this city is so awesome is because of those same kooky people. Shut up about it already or move to Oakland. Jackass.

  4. Vic Wong says:

    Hey Sunny Vibes: 1997 called, they want their web design aesthetic back. Why don’t you just throw in an animated gif of a dancing baby while you’re at it.

  5. Mike says:

    Based on conversations I’ve had with people who live on the block, this truck will not last. Seriously, you just decided to park your truck in a residential neighborhood and sell stuff? The vegan thing makes it that much wronger.

  6. Mike says:

    I’ll add to Mike’s comment -

    It’s outside my window today – if that persists beyond tomorrow, several city employees will need to explain some things to me.

  7. Mike says:

    The loud portable generator outside his tailgate also does little to endear him…

  8. Craig says:

    There is a great saying… you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all the time… I am the owner of Sunny Vibrations and I have spend almost 2 years planning this business and the original plan was to park on the North Side along Dolores as there is nothing in the Municipal Police Code that would prevent me from parking there. However, politics has kept me on the South Side and belief me I don’t want to be camped outside somebody’s house either, but that is what they gave me. One of the downfalls is that the approved locations get limited sunlight so I must use a generator. I went out of my way to acquire the quietest one I could find which doesn’t give me all the power I need, but will do for the time being as I don’t want to disturb the neighbors. The Honda EU3000IS is only 49 DB, the same level as a normal conversation of two people talking side by side. I was on the phone the other day, while standing about 5 feet from my generator and could have a normal conversation. We have received mostly compliments from the neighbors and majority of people think we add to the park scene. Come by and experience us for yourself and see what you think and feel. One of our best customers resides in the building we are park in front of and in fact has his window only about 15 feet from where my generator is. He says it does not disturb him at all. I am doing my best to provide the most delicious, wholesome food and to do it in a way that adds value to our customers and the neighborhood we serve.

  9. hugnkiss says:

    Waaa Craig. Seriously? Having lived on the street for 7 years, I think I know more people than you do. THIS EFFING TRUCK. Literally set up shop without communicating the plans to anyone on the street (unlike every other business or film that does), runs an effing generator all day long (wow, I didnt know that generators were wholesome), and takes up 5 parking spaces with the effing not-taco truck and his other truck and his trailer.
    I mean, I know we live on the park and so we have no control over what goes on around it, I have totally embraced that, but let me put up some tables and chairs and a neon sign right in front of your house and let’s see how much you love it. And for the record, I havent seen you serve much more than German tourists or random teens.

  10. the real mike says:

    dude, you should have consulted with the neighbors. might not be too late. introduce yourself to everyone and give all the meateaters a hot dog or something.

  11. Craig says:

    The funny thing is that we have received a great deal of support and people like us, and I hope everyone comes and signs our petition to have us relocated to the original spot across the street, so we are NOT parked out side somebody’s window and home. I hope everyone decides to try out for themselves before believing something they read — as for the homeless, I hope you decide to get involved with our garden outreach program where we will have homeless food program, and I guess as a new business owner trying to do something positive in the city for the residents and myself, there will be objectors — all i can say is — that WHAT SUNNY VIBRATIONS IS DOING IS FOR THE GREATER GOOD FOR THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY, AND IF YOU COME BY AND TALK TO US WITH SINCERITY, YOU WILL SEE AND TASTE THAT! thanks for supporting local sustainable business, even those that must use generators because their location (one which we never even requested) has homes blocking the sun rays, thus preventing our solar panels from delivering the power we need — we hope you sign our petition, so we can be approved at our original location) and thus not require a generator.

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