What the Christ? Since when is it ok to enclose a golf cart in orange sheet metal just so you can score some dubious parking?

Spotted on Valencia between 19th and 20th.

7 Responses to “WTFMobile”

  1. Nathan says:

    Hard to see from the picture, but is it an autorickshaw? Like this, but with a back door? Rickshaw in India

    After visiting India, I’ve been wanting to buy one of those for a while to drive around the city.

  2. Lynae says:

    There’s a guy on 23rd St (near Harrison) that seems to collect little mini-cars like this. He even has mini-trailers for some of them. He always scores awesome parking in front of his house because there’s one of those narrow spaces between two driveways. At least one of the cars always has a “for sale” sign on it.

    He has garage sales all the time and sells stuff like mannequin parts. He looks like Santa. I don’t know if that’s one of his cars, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  3. super busy says:

    is it not a bajaj, 3 wheelie of sorts?

  4. trevoissier says:

    I believe this is a Cushman “truckster”. This vehicle is super rare in comparison to the ubiquitous “interceptor” types that the DPT can be seen trolling the streets in(or anything else on paved roads for that matter). This guy comes in my work all the time and s super nice. As for “dubious parking”?…..I commend the ingenuity it takes to restore a vehicle like this. This thing is like the anti-Prius. Not to mention it doesn’t require 500lbs of Chinese rare-earth to operate. Oh the sad and slightly hilarious day when hybrid owners find out what is actually powering their “green” vehicles.
    And anyway, the real focus of this thread should be on the toddler who tagged the side of this notably unique vehicle. Tagging: The most un-unique form of self expression since man first smeared poo.

  5. Dave G says:

    its mine
    its a 1986 Cushman Haulster

    its pretty sweet for parking