Santa Barbara Shipwrecks

In Santa Barbara over the weekend I came upon a scene that was like something out of the apocalypse. Waterborne tornadoes had apparently ripped half a dozen sailboats from their offshore moorings and deposited them unceremoniously on the beach, forcing countless joggers to unceremoniously reroute.

I’ve still got The Road on the brain, so I climbed aboard and ransacked their galleys — made off with some choice canned vegetables and a flare gun.

Yep, this one was decidedly different than Mission Mission’s last trip to Santa Barbara. More wreckage after the jump:

6 Responses to “Santa Barbara Shipwrecks”

  1. Ben says:

    google salvage rights. on the high seas its finders keepers.

  2. Dina says:

    wow awesome picture

  3. John Sumner says:

    Those are not shiwrecks! They are Flotsum & Jetsum! Chuck them back in the water, Chucky, and I might dive them.