Don't Bum Out that Cigarette–It's a Trap!!!

Be careful when bumming out cigarettes to random strangers!  The SFAppeal Crime Blotter recounts a startling story that could happen to any of us:

10:40 PM: A man was at 21st and Capp when another man reportedly asked him for a cigarette — but that request was, seemingly, a diversion, as another man came up from behind the requestee and knocked him to the ground. The two men allegedly robbed the grounded guy of his cell phone, then fled on foot. The victim’s injuries weren’t serious, and no one’s been arrested.

The only solution seems to be outright scroogery regarding all street tobacco requests, or at the very least only buying hand-rolled from now on.  Wait, are people even bumming cigarettes out to strangers on the streets anymore?  Don’t they cost like 50 cents each or something?

Anyway, I’m excited about SFAppeal Crime Blotter’s new Google Maps mashup.  Very helpful for pinpointing exactly how close violent crime is happening next to you.  Let them know if you like it or think it’s obtrusively unnecessary.

[image courtesy of MissionLoc@l]

Update: Now with more Ackbar!

14 Responses to “Don't Bum Out that Cigarette–It's a Trap!!!”

  1. SlideSF says:

    Another possibility is to remain aware of what is going on around you at all times – especially when walking around in the Mission at night, especially when you are handing a cigaret to someone…

    • b says:

      Be more aware so you can do what exactly? It’s not like he would have gone all Chuck Norris on these guys if he was paying just a little more attention.

      • SlideSF says:

        How about seeing that someone is lurking behind you and either not stop to give out a cigaret or get ready to run? To sensible, I suppose…

  2. jamo says:

    i cannot believe you didn’t photoshop in admiral ackbar. unreal missed opportunity.

  3. olu says:

    I’ve never understood police blotters, but I guess maybe they’re helpful if they keep out the undesirables.

  4. dan azzu says:

    Cheap fags can be bought online, there’s no need to stoop to these levels (and by fag I mean cigarette, yes Im British!).

  5. Suzanne says:

    how awful. I think it would be hard to prevent it from happening unless you could see if coming from a distance, otherwise if there’s someone in front and someone in back of you, you may not be able to get away.

  6. Darryl says:

    Same thing happened to me about 4 years ago at 14th/Noe. Seems like this is a popular pretence. It may be rude, but I just ignore anyone who asks for a cigarette nowadays

  7. suckerpunch says:

    Smokers deserve to get mugged.