Why the Long Face?

Red Choo Choo found these somewhere on Florida Street. I wonder if the property owner likes them.

Three more long faces after the jump:

14 Responses to “Why the Long Face?”

  1. What says:

    The property owners sense of art appreciation may be tempered by his 30 day or $500 fine per incident notice from the city.

    • Graffiti Tax says:

      Brilliant solution.
      “We noticed someone painted on your property.
      Now give us 500 dollars.”
      The Government

  2. ben says:

    Someone will have to suffer a lot of hassle, cost, and work because of some loser fuckwit’s inane scrawlings. Mission Mission is there to take delight in someone else’s loss and suffering.

  3. chris says:

    A horse walks into a bar…

  4. Charmain says:

    Most folks are un-aware that the City tickets property owners until the graffiti is covered up

  5. Mariachi says:

    IIRC, if the property owner approves of the ticketed graffiti (usually as in the case of a commissioned mural) he can submit an affidavit to that effect and not have to pay anything.

    • Sam says:

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and think that the penis-shaped head wasn’t a commissioned piece.

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