Car Chase on Bryant Ends in Crash?

Reader Scott B. sends word of an accident (not pictured):

[D]id you guys hear anything about the car chase on Bryant that ended in two cars smashing into each other and some parked cars?

Nope. Anyone?

Photo by y3rdua.

4 Responses to “Car Chase on Bryant Ends in Crash?”

  1. Musability says:

    My girlfriend saw the accident after it happened, then talked to some people on the street, like the guy whose parked car they ran into. One parked car was knocked onto the sidewalk. Two girls in a white car got out and ran away from the accident after it happened even though they looked hurt, according to one witness. I think it happened at 25th and Bryant, one car was a convertible with the top down. Two white or Latino men were wearing chains and white tee shirts were in the dark colored car. My girlfriend said people were taking pictures, and it happened around 9 or 10.

  2. cread says:

    I could see the accident from my window. The cars sounded like they were racing down Bryant and then I heard a loud crash. When I looked out the window the 2 girls were sitting on the curb near the white convertible but when I looked out again (after calling 911) they were gone. The parked car was pushed up onto the sidewalk and the other two cars were in bad shape. I didn’t see anyone get arrested or go to the hospital but I didn’t watch the whole scene.

  3. Haggie says:

    Somebody is going to be bitchin’ about that Camaro…

  4. J. Beaman says:

    is that the fucking general lee?