Hipsters Live in the Mission

Whoa, today Beth Spotswood devoted a whole post to whether or not our old pal Amanda is a hipster. There’s a MGMT reference, some discussion and it all concludes with Amanda’s 10-point definition of hipsterism. I like this part:

No, I am not a hipster Beth. God, you always think me and my friends are hipsters. We are so not. We WISH we were hipsters. Hello? We don’t do coke until 4am. We don’t go to gallery openings. I go to Starbucks, Beth.

You mean if you start your coke binge at 4am you’re in the clear? Duly noted. Thanks, gals!

Anyway, is Amanda a hipster? You be the judge.


Costco Hipster

Hipster Pizza

Messenger Bag Full of Hipster Spawn

Take My Hipster Wife, Please

Sexiest Hipster

8 Responses to “Hipsters Live in the Mission”

  1. venturetek says:

    I write to you as one-third of VentureTek and also one-third of that picture. The one in the dress. (LADIES?!) I’m good friends with Amanda. I’d call her a hamster. I’d also call myself a hamster. Case closed. However, does our awareness of being hamsters therefore make us not hamsters? A true hamster would never classify themselves as a hamster. Case open?

  2. Glenparker says:

    How about case closed and let’s just stop giving a flying fuck who is and who isn’t a hamster.

  3. Joe Blo says:

    this and the other linked blog are awful… step up the posts.

  4. generic says:

    Here, let me help:

    A “hamster” is an urban poseur who finds cleverness in the act of substituting his own label for that of a fat rodent. The play on consonance is a kind of code; it signifies to the reader that the commenter is weary of the very subject. The use of the word “hamster” is seen as repetitious–gauche, even. It is a self-identifying trait, to be used by hamsters, among hamsters… not unlike the bathroom toe-tapping in gay pick-up spots of yore.

    The girls in the picture are messing around with externals.
    But this thread is the thing itself.

  5. no.thanks. says:

    uh ugh um……uh…………

    when ever i hear/read the word ‘hamster’ i just think of louis ck and i think to myself
    ‘faggot cunt nigger, hamster bullshit!”

    pick on a new group of people. this shit is so played.

  6. joshua says:

    i wonder if the hippies debated about whether they were hippies or not? hamsters, whatever, just go do something with your life, don’t end up like the hippies.

  7. whir says:

    Hey, 2005 called and wants its discourse back