Hipster Papoose

The Pushbike blog is soliciting photos of you and yours putting your Freight Baggage brand cycling accessories to good use. They’re off to a good start.


Cute Puppy Looking Cute in a Messenger Bag

I Love My Timbuk2 Bag

4 Responses to “Hipster Papoose”

  1. Mission Mistaken says:

    Now if I could only do that with my management, oh I’m sorry, “leadership” team…

  2. laurie bk says:

    Cuter than Marilyn Monroe’s two puppies fighting under a silk sheet!

  3. [...] so if there’s anything you need (from a Mondrian saddle to a Tecate cycling cap, or a badass Freight Baggage messenger), snap it up [...]

  4. ringtekee says:

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