It Takes a Crane

Mission and Highland, as requested, has just followed up on yesterday’s trash-tipping tale. It takes a crane, ladies and gentlemen, to hoist a tipped San Francisco trashcan out of the gutter. It takes a crane.

Kudos to the City of SF for a job well done in a timely fashion.

4 Responses to “It Takes a Crane”

  1. swig says:

    if you have a crane, use the crane

  2. friscolex says:

    A crane, pshaw! I walked my dog by there yesterday and didn’t have him lift it with his teeth because it would have been just too easy for him.

  3. Liz says:

    wtf, trash-tipping chuckleheads just drained the city bank account again. If there were no vandalism we’d be RICH! Rich I tell you!

  4. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

    Hell, it takes 1000 cranes to make a miracle!