McLaren Park Makeover

Despite my essay about McLaren Park being awesome, it could surely benefit from a $30,000 makeover.

Sears wants to foot the bill for one such makeover, for one lucky park somewhere in the United States. Problem is, it’s a contest, and McLaren is currently getting its ass kicked by some park in Chesapeake, Virginia. Your votes can change all that. Vote McLaren!

Thanks for the tip, Yatima! More coverage at SFist.

P.S. That hazardous old swing set is kind of badass though, don’t you think?

3 Responses to “McLaren Park Makeover”

  1. ct says:

    Apparently 4chan wants the one on the Chesapeake to win, or something.

    • jegskaltisse says:

      I voted for McLaren Park, and then I noticed that the playground in VA was destroyed by a fire. I have SF pride and all, but that sounds devastating. Now I hope they do win.

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  3. Matt Baume says:

    McLaren could use work, yes, but it’s not all bad. I recommend Yosemite Marsh, which recently had a nice makeover.

    It’s true that the facilities for children are pretty lacking.