Punching Girls

In a discussion about violence at neighborhood clubs, reader Micah shares a story:

A couple weeks ago some friends and I were followed home from the Beauty Bar by a couple sketchy dudes that had been hitting on them. Things escalated and ended with dude throwing a punch at one of the girls I was with and getting pepper sprayed in response.

Throwing a punch at one of the girls? Luckily it sounds like he didn’t land it, but what’s with all the punching of girls lately? (There’s this, and there’s Tracy getting punched in the purse.)

Photo by ava berlin.

12 Responses to “Punching Girls”

  1. Do I have to be the Einstein to point out why are you going to Beauty Bar? “Oh my god, I went to a strip club and there were shady characters there.” Nonplussed burrito.

  2. no one in particular says:

    I sorta wonder if it would be worth dodging a punch in order to have an excuse to pepper spray some douchebags.

  3. trixie says:

    is that a gun in her bra? def. would not punch her if she is packing heat.

  4. thepreyingpanther says:

    @ava berlin:
    “All rights reserved”

    Really? Really??

  5. YO! says:

    I’d hit that!

  6. olu says:

    you have mined that series of photo for gold! (why does he have tattoos covering every inch of his chest, but wear leather gloves?)

  7. C. says:

    this reminds me of an event a long time ago that became legend in a circle of friends, which i will attempt to recount without embellishment as i heard of it in a first-hand report.
    two young women (good friends of each others’ and of mine, and very highly esteemed in our circle) were at the red room, and a guy (with a guy friend) sitting next to them began hitting on them. they informed the guys directly but civilly that they did not care to communicate with them, and the first hitter-on began to escalate with general nastiness, using foul language to describe the women. words were exchanged, and this culminated in the guy throwing a drink in the face of the woman next to him.
    quite to his surprise, she stood up, punched him in the face, and knocked him off his barstool to the floor. (she was very strong and athletic, and used to do those crazy golden-gate-bridge and alcatraz swims with the south end rowing club; the other woman had seriously trained in kick boxing. the guys evidently hadn’t bargained on this.) as he was picking himself up, his friend stood up and began to make threats. however, the second woman had stood to join the first, and they stood fearlessly together with their dukes up, saying “go for it, assholes. we’ll take you down!” – or something to that effect. at that point, staff intervened, but a cheering section for the women had already formed among the crowd.
    the guys turned out to be friends of a new male bartender, so the women at first got tossed out with them, but the bartender didn’t know that the women had higher-up connections at the bar, which were invoked the next day. the guys were 86ed, and i think the bartender got let go.
    this was regarded in our circle as an awesome display of girl-power.
    of course, there is always the thing about “perpetuating the cycle of aggression” and “never solving problems through violence”, but personally, as a supporter of non-violence plus awesomeness, i found it toootally awesome.
    who knows if this would have worked at beauty bar, but it sounds likes sketchiness and male aggression are at an all-time high there.

    • no one in particular says:

      Only thing that seems lame about that story is the bartender getting fired. Throwing someone out because she threw a punch is a totally legit thing to do and I don’t see why he should have lost his job because she had some connections.

  8. Rod says:

    Is anyone surprises about sketchy shit going on at beauty bar? It’s rare to see a girl there these days but when one walks through the door bad
    things seem to happen.

  9. MrsMrs says:

    Slippery slope, my friends. If Beauty Bar patrons of the lady sort should EXPECT sexual harassment or violence, what’s next? Let’s make a super fun list of Mission bars and the kinds of criminal behavior we can expect from the men who frequent them!

    Having a vadge shouldn’t mean dodging potential man-made landmines of violence against women, whatever the fucking circumstances.

    In other news, I want an awesome pink seal taser from Japan: http://www.strapya-world.com/product_reviews/products20057.html