Dude Missing Again?

Vigilant reader Nobby Stylz alerts us to this sign offering a reward for the safe return of a parrot named Dude who whistles the theme to the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. But wait! Since the last time Dude went missing, apparently he’s learned to bark!

Either that or this is just a really old flyer.

3 Responses to “Dude Missing Again?”

  1. Someone found it on CL over the weekend

  2. jaricoandlinda says:

    Uh, I feel really, really stupid about this. So stupid I didn’t even ask to have it posted on MissionMission.

    Dude escaped again. I can’t help if the damn bird is smarter than the two of us. Apparently he studies the way we lock up the cage and eventually figures out how to break out.

    I was absolutely sure that the dramatic rescue last time wouldn’t happen for us again but he was found trucking down 24th street. We are stupidly, ridiculously and unreasonably lucky.

    He can now say “This is the BBC” in an English accent, and quotes parts of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy that he learned off of Pirate Cat Radio (i.e. Attention! Attention! You are on a Vogon ship.”

  3. jaricoandlinda says:

    P.S. We’ll be buying a better cage and clipping his wings more often. When he’s strong and old enough he’ll go to a sanctuary to be rehabilitated and let free.