Karina Denike At The Rite Spot Cafe This Sunday

If you were the type of kid that had a White Out checkerboard pattern on your Jansport backpack in the 90s (guilty, here) you’ll probably recognize Karina Denike from her early gig as a lead singer for the Dance Hall Crashers.

Since then, she has been hanging out in San Francisco playing less-skankable tunes with groups like Mr. Lonesome and the Bluebelles, the Cottontails, and Eight Legged Monster. In my humble opinion, she’s probably got one of the most powerful, virtuosic voices around and a vocal delivery that’s JUST SEXY. You really have to see her live to know what I mean.

Ms. Denike also writes her own pop-y, quirky, singer-songwritery stuff, which is what she’ll be performing on Sunday at the Rite Spot Cafe on 17th and Folsom. She will be joined by her band, her harmonium, and the also insanely talented Lily Taylor. Show starts at 8pm.

If you can’t make that, Karina will also be singing with the Cottontails at Revolution Cafe Saturday night from 9-12ish.

(By the way, she loooves talking about the Dance Hall Crashers and is not embarrassed by it in the slightest.)

3 Responses to “Karina Denike At The Rite Spot Cafe This Sunday”

  1. Allan Hough says:

    WOMG, that version of “I Wanna Riot” they did with Rancid for Beavis and Butt-Head Do America? Most skankable song ever!!

  2. Jason says:

    Why the DHC remark? They are the only reason I came across this article. (and no offense, but I prefer Ms. Denike singing in the group instead as a solo act.) I wish they’d comeback for a farewell tour because I highly doubt we’ll ever see another album from them.