One Man's Trash Is Another Pigeon's Pigeon Pal

Somebody totally bussed a pigeon along with their unfinished tortilla chips, and then the pigeon’s mate came over and was like, “What are you doing in there? Let’s get out of here.” The other one shrugged and was all, “I been bussed.”

And then that dude at the table goes, “Look at that cool guy taking pictures of pigeons.”


NY Pigeons vs. SF Pigeons

Bar Feeding Pigeons

Pigeon Tragedy

3 Responses to “One Man's Trash Is Another Pigeon's Pigeon Pal”

  1. otto says:

    A pigeon attacked my fish taco at Metate last weekend when I was sitting right where that guy was, outside next to that bus tray. They need to do something about their flying rat problem there – it grossed me out, and they were circling me the whole time I was there, menacing me, waiting for me to drop my guard again. Come on Metate: you’re better than this! otto

  2. ben says:

    dude at the table also recorded a small video of pigeons flipping and flapping food all over the place, but hasn’t uploaded it anywhere yet.