Honeycomb Seating at Mission Community Market

How did they manage this?  My fashion instincts say it’s just a bunch of fabric cores and some giant rubber bands, but my scientific proclivity wonders how they got all the bees out.

Uh oh.  Too soon, way too soon.  RIP Hayes Valley Farm Bees

[Photo from MissionCommunityMarket]

3 Responses to “Honeycomb Seating at Mission Community Market”

  1. Sarah Appleman says:

    Hey! I’m glad you liked the seating I designed for the market! The tubes are from paper reems (donated by Ford Graphics) and the paper is usually used for architectural prints. The straps are bulk straps that you can find at your local hardware store. Hope that satisfies your curiosity.

  2. Those were an amazing two sentences, Sarkarati. I giggled.