Teen Jobs For Teens

This flyer on 20th and Harrison not only offers you teen readers vague employment opportunities, it also goes the extra mile and shows you the perks of having money. Namely: piles of cash, a Wii, and Six Flags trips. Other (not pictured) possibilities include bags of candy, Todd McFarlane action figures, and those hats with the propellors on the top.

Go to it, young whippersnappers. And be sure to name drop me so I get the referral bonus.

6 Responses to “Teen Jobs For Teens”

  1. wcw says:

    I would rip this down if I saw it. Reeks of those door-to-door magazine-selling exploitation scams.

  2. Can I please have the job of deleting spam here? It would make me SO happy!

  3. Don’t forget the huge economic benefit of easy access to crack and bitches.

  4. rearlaba says:

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  5. Teenjos714 says:

    You are fucking stupid. They work for your county paper. The one you probably read everyday you ignorant fucking retard.

  6. Teenjos714 says:

    Their company name is building successful opportunities.