SF Zinefest Benefit at DEBASER

You remember zines, right?  They were the blogs before there were blogs.  If Allan was born 10 years earlier, Mission Mission might have been a zine!  I think we can all agree that zines are awesome.  After all, if I hadn’t been reading Cometbus back in high school, I probably would have chosen Cal Tech over Berkeley, and the world would now be in the grip of the tyrant who managed to abscond the Lambda Laser from my quantum physics lab.  So, luckily, you don’t have to worry about that.

Anyway, SF Zinefest is a rad event this weekend in the Hall of Flowers at GG Park where zine authors congregate so anyone can check out all their recent work.  In addition to the totally worthwhile experience of checking it out yourself, you can also support the scene by dancing to 90′s music at the Knockout, as DEBASER is hosting a benefit this Saturday night for the SF Zinefest.  So although you can get in free before 11pm by simply wearing a flannel, DON’T!!!  Wear a hoodie or something instead and help support the Zinefest!


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3 Responses to “SF Zinefest Benefit at DEBASER”

  1. Ariel Dovas says:

    Also, Mission: Comics & Art is throwing the afterparty and mixer between the fest and the after-after at Debaser.

  2. “If Allan was born 10 years earlier, Mission Mission might have been a zine!”

    Yeah, and if Aaron Cometbus had never been born, I wouldn’t have to deal with his obnoxious sponging.

  3. Neilio says:

    To backup the claim that the event was rad…