Critical Mass Salt Lake City

It was a dark and stormy afternoon, so not many riders showed up. But a handful of die-hards did, and the sun started peeking through the gloom, so we had a pleasant ride around town. SLC has a ton of new bike lanes, some good vegetarian food, is close to a lot of natural wonder, and has a neat-looking temple.

A bunch of other pictures I took around Utah are here if you’re interested. Utah is fun.

Special thanks to Davey Davis (of the SLC Bike Collective) for lending me the above sweet bike, and to Lizzy and Joe for putting me in touch with Davey.


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7 Responses to “Critical Mass Salt Lake City”

  1. M.A.C. says:

    another reason to not visit

  2. meligrosa says:

    good one alan. props for trotting all corners of the world :D

  3. Kyle Madison says:

    Something this horrible couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of religious fundies.

  4. Almostnative says:

    It’s also full of Mormons are are completely full of hate for gay people. Your article was pointless and irrelevant.

  5. stooby says:

    understand there are many Mormons who have zero hatred for gay people.

  6. DBR says:

    Thanks for the shout-out Alan, glad you came! Funny to see some of your commenters are as closed-minded as those silly Mormons of which they speak… :)