Capp St. Party Pack

Marc found a little present today:

A top-drawer junkie whore left me an extra special gift pack in our sidewalk planter on little Adair Street:

Looks like someone was all dolled up and ready to party every which way with harm reduction.  They even rolled their own chemical free nicotine Buglers.  Clearly this was left from the pimp’s special reserve ho because the shit was so good she forgot she even had anything.

I hear Longshot Magazine hid 12 of these all over the Mission and will be releasing clues on the hour on where to find them! (No, not really)

5 Responses to “Capp St. Party Pack”

  1. Sarah says:

    Dude! That was totally under embargo!

    Alexis Madrigal
    Co-Founder, Longshot

  2. Oh, please! I find that every day! (Scattered over a two-block radius, it’s true…)

  3. uggie says:

    Yeah it does happen all the time Cranky Old guy, but not often accessorized with such a fashionable Gucci knock-off purse


  4. ooeygooey says:

    That’s not Gucci knock-off, it’s Coach knock-off. All I ever find in my planters is film canisters (old skool!) with, like, weed dust in them.

    It doesn’t look like there was actual drugs in the little purse though, just tools. Unless…

  5. AlexisHaynes says:

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