High Atop the US Bank Building

Telstar Logistics somehow got invited up to the top of the US Bank building at 22nd and Mission, and took a handful of nice shots. Can we have a rave up there now, please?

10 Responses to “High Atop the US Bank Building”

  1. marijke says:

    allen is a raver. there i said it.

  2. Can’t stop thinking about jumping from that during the Carnaval parade — imagine all the pictures that would be posted!

  3. afroblanco says:

    Still the butt-ugliest building in the city. My god. What an ugly, brutalist mess. Who in the world would design a building with NO WINDOWS on three out of the four sides? A sadist, that’s who.

  4. sludgysmudgy says:

    I used to work on this floor (for the now defunct non-profit RISE). I will concede it does have one of the best views of the Mission and downtown skyline. The only problem is: first, when it’s cold (which is often) it’s even colder inside. So much so you need to wear a winter coat and fingerless gloves to feel comfortable enough to work. Second, when the wind blows (which is often) those beautiful bay windows rattle like Loma Prieta just snapped. And lastly, when it rains (well you know) your computer will get a nice little spritzing. All in all, shity work space, but I bet a great place to rave. Let’s fuckin’ do it… I still have a key :)

  5. johnny0 says:

    Telstar and Burrito Justice are working on a longer post, more soon.

  6. Toplu mail says:

    This is excellent!