Mission Bicycle Festival Next Weekend

Mission Bicycle Company is hosting the first ever Mission Bicycle Festival on the weekend of 9/25. The event will feature a ride out to the Tour De Fat in Golden Gate Park, bike demos, and contests.

This may be particularly interesting to you Mission readers: at 1pm on Saturday 9/25 there will be a “10 Mission Secrets Bike Tour”! What kind of secrets, I wonder? The location of that sketchy flea market where you can buy back your stolen bike? That hidden warp zone that takes you to the top of Potrero hill? Guess you’ll just have to sign up for one of the limited spots to find out.

There will also be a track stand competition at 3pm on Sunday 9/26. The prize is a brand new Valencia frame set. So if watching a bunch of riders sit almost perfectly still is your idea of sport, be sure to check that out.

The flyer is here and you can get more info at Mission Bicycle Company. Oh by the way, they are having a sale wrapping up today where you can get up to $180 off a customized and likely effeminately-colored ride. Check out their facebook page for more info.

5 Responses to “Mission Bicycle Festival Next Weekend”

  1. anotherfreakinhipster says:

    Each 6 muni bus only has room for 2 bikes — how are most of us going to get our bikes from down in the mission up to the park?

    I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna ride to the ferry building to get my bike on the bike carrier.

    (You know its true, every weekend the 6 bike racks are filled with wusses that can’t even ride a tiny 42×16 up a hill)

  2. anotherfreakinhipster says:

    …oh but i’m sure you manly men will retort with “I can ride a 53×11 up fillmore street”.

    i’m sure you can, so ride up first thing and hang in the park all day long… andbe sure to enjoy the jock itch.

  3. wcw says:

    ‘to the top of Potrero Hill’

    Just take the overpass at 18th.

    We may be at 250′ up here, which versus the 800′ to which I rode home from BART as a kid is peanuts.

  4. Ferocious Foot Odor says:

    From these comments, the whole enterprise sounds deeply boring. I think I’ll go to a movie instead.

  5. meligrosa says:

    dammit. the one weekend im outta town