So What Exactly Do You Do With a Dead Whale, Anyway?

I took the day off and found myself near ground zero of Whaletastrophe 2010. In case you haven’t heard, a gashed, likely endangered, whale washed up on the shore of Ocean Beach yesterday. The whale is located near Great Highway and Judah street, and it’s a must-see for anyone with a morbid curiosity for dead marine mammals. I was surprised to find that the smell wasn’t so bad after all. The tidepools at Sutro Baths smell much, much worse.

So what exactly do you do with a dead whale, you ask? No, you don’t blow it up with dynamite. Why does everyone think that, anyway?

Turns out you get a bunch of tractors out there, dig a huge hole, and give it a proper burial:

And I guess if you’re an aspiring street artist named “RATS”, you would tag it:

No word on how they are going to drag it into the hole without the thing falling apart and spilling guts everywhere, but I assume the guys on the job are used to this sort of thing.

6 Responses to “So What Exactly Do You Do With a Dead Whale, Anyway?”

  1. cr says:

    The dynamite thing started with our northern neighbors in the ’70s.

    Poet Nick Lantz (raised in the Bay Area) has some good thoughts on it:

  2. RATS tag? Awesome. Great catch.

  3. “RATS” is a reference to the motorcycle club “East Bay Rats” who tagged a beached whale years ago and made headlines.

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