Fish Quesadilla

Yesterday at El Metate I got a fish quesadilla on a whim, sort of because it sounded silly. It was not silly — it was hell of good. Big, fishy, cheesy and hot.

11 Responses to “Fish Quesadilla”

  1. daveH says:

    Don’t you watch Top Chef??? ‘Cause if you did, you would know that cheese and fish are an unholy mix (never mind the fact that I ate tuna mac nearly everyday when I was in college).

  2. SlideSF says:

    Note: “hella” is not short for “hell of”. It is an expression in its own right. “hell of” is nothing. One does not sound more literary by writing “hell of”. One sounds dorky. Hella dorky.

  3. ben says:

    My favorite part about the fish quesadilla is that it’s something like 50 cents more than a regular one. Flavor AND value!

  4. Taco eater says:

    I wouldn’t think a fish quesadilla would be good either. On that note, After many years, I’m still looking for a decent fish taco in the Mission, preferably with grilled fish (not breaded and fried). Any suggestions?