Coming Soon: Mission Cheese

Some time in the next couple of months, Valencia Street will be getting its own boutique cheese shop (between 18th and 19th). It’ll be called Mission Cheese, and you can read all about the process of opening a new small business on the Mission Cheese blog.

Here is a post that talks about their location (pictured above).

I love cheese.

(Thanks for the tip, K.B.!)

17 Responses to “Coming Soon: Mission Cheese”

  1. melissa says:


  2. kiya says:

    You’re welcome for the tip, i’m glad it’s actually a business that doesn’t currently exist (on it’s own) in the mission.

  3. vp says:

    the blog says they don’t open until February…?

  4. effin haole says:

    that gentrification wheat paste should go back up on the overpass

  5. LC says:

    Mission Cheese plans to open in March 2011.

  6. Matt says:

    Damn. I was hoping this spot would turn into a Keeping It Real store, with all sorts of stuff that would help me Keep It Real on Valencia. You could only buy stuff with food stamps, but the guys selling bootlegs out front would take cash.

  7. MrEricSir says:

    It will be tough to beat Rainbow’s selection.

  8. valenciagal says:

    i hear 450 architects is doing the design for this space. not only do i love their work but i LOVE CHEESE! WIN WIN!

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