Revelers Swarm Car, Beat Driver (Alternate Angle) [Video]

From reader Skyler S.:

I’m sick of watching these 21st Street Giants mob violence videos, but I was nearly mowed down by the driver and my friend got some gruesomely graphic footage. It’s terrible to watch. Even though the driver brought this upon himself, I don’t wish a beating like this on anybody.

UPDATE: Skyler explains what became of the driver:

A group of us started yelling stop and rushed in, a super citizen in front of us grabbed the driver and shoved him through the crowd to safety. The driver owes a lot (maybe his life) to whoever that fellow is that risked his shit to pull him out of the mob. His savior had a white and orange hat on, and an orange jersey (real distinguishable in a mob of orange right). You can see him pull the driver out of the mob in the other videos.


Car Plows Revelers

9 Responses to “Revelers Swarm Car, Beat Driver (Alternate Angle) [Video]”

  1. Sally says:

    That’s the most horrifying video I’ve ever seen on this site.

  2. d says:

    i didnt see the driver being escorted out. was that him being beaten by the guys in white shirts?

  3. d says:

    and whatever happened to the poor folks who got run over?

  4. SimonSays says:

    Fuck this guy. He deserved that beat down.

  5. nicky papers says:

    street justice is the best.

  6. Macho Energy Police says:

    those “Gs” swing like pussies.

  7. yodamahoda says:

    HE RAN OVER PEOPLE WITH HIS CAR!!!!! how is the beat down not justified?

    • THEY BLOCKED HIS ONLY ESCAPE ROUTE FROM THE RIOTING MOB!!!!! (Yes, I counted the exclamation points.) how is the run down not justified?

      Not necessarily agreeing with what I just wrote, just pointing out how your screech of anguish sounds to people with the opposite bias to yours.

  8. anon says:

    Has anyone commented or noted that before he runs into the crowd, it appears the driver of the car is being attacked and chased? My impression is that he was trying to get away from dudes trying to hurt him when he (horribly, stupidly) drove into the crowd