Your Last View of Zeitgeist’s Interior

Last Looks at Zeitgeist's Interior

In a dumpster.

17 Responses to “Your Last View of Zeitgeist’s Interior”

  1. MrEricSir says:

    Any idea what’s changing?

    Please say it’s the bathrooms…

    • sludgysmudgy says:

      Hopefully the smug fucking employees.

    • hoboking says:

      I understand there will be banquette seating, dumbo leather booths and pendant lighting. The bar is being replaced with one made of distressed concrete and recycled railroad ties from India. The backbar is getting pulled out and a new one that has a lot of glass and subdued colored back-lighting. This will be especially nice because it will shine through the new collection of top shelf house infused vodkas. Of course some concessions had to be made, the number of taps is being reduced to 4 (Sierra, Amstel Light, Blue Moon and Pear Cider).

      I have heard rumors that there will be a raised dais where the pool table is now and a white piano will be placed there for the new nightly jazz fusion quartet.

  2. Steve says:

    Zeitgeist has bathrooms?

  3. divestedinterest says:

    why don’t people get that being a bartender isn’t all sparkles, rainbows, glitter, confetti, and um, kittens? I’d be pretty bummed if I worked at Zeitgeist and had to deal with douchebags ordering bloodies well past 6pm.
    Look! A Kitten!×500.jpg

    • Rand says:

      When 90% of you job requires you to poor and mix beverages for paying customers, and a big part of your income comes from tips, then wipe that smug look off your face and get me a cold brew please. Otherwise find another profession.

  4. SCUM says:

    If you don’t like the staff of any place, DON’T FUCKING GO THERE!!!

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