A Good Samaritan Tries to Return a Lost Item at the Front Desk at the Goddamn Public Library

Janebook is about to rile you up:

Earlier today I was totally distracted and left my phone on top of a paper towel dispenser in the restroom at the Public Library on 24th Street. Realized a few minutes later, ran back down to look for it and it was gone. I went to ask the lady at the desk if anyone had turned it in and she said nobody had turned anything in that day. Honestly I wasn’t expecting anything so I wasn’t too surprised, just assumed someone had taken it, and was at least consoled by the fact that, were this the case, they wouldn’t gain much from selling it as it’s a first generation iPhone that’s three years old and has a shattered screen among myriad other problems. So imagine my surprise when I get home and go on Facebook to see that two of my friends have messaged me saying that a guy called them saying he found my phone and wants to return it. So I call the guy, arrange to meet up with him. He’s incredibly nice, refuses to take the reward money I offer him, but here’s the fucked up part. He tells me that after he found it, he tried to turn it in at the front desk of the library, but the lady told him “I’m busy right now. Just take it.”

Yo, that’s fucked up! Either the SFPL needs to hold a bake sale so they can afford to hire some decent people, or dudes are going to ever-crazier lengths to meet Jane in person. Read on.

[Photo by Carina]

16 Responses to “A Good Samaritan Tries to Return a Lost Item at the Front Desk at the Goddamn Public Library”

  1. 12937789 says:

    What the hell, go back to the library and call out that fool! At least someone was nice enough to return it though.

  2. James O'Boston says:

    I notice that the author of the rant is studying English. She should try to use the word “fuck” more cleverly the next time she feels that spraying it the fuck all over three fucking paragraphs will fucking help her drive the fucking point the fuck home.

    • Jane says:

      Oh my gosh, you guys, I said “fuck” four times in two paragraphs and a guy on the internet doesn’t like it! I guess it’s time to restructure my entire educational plan as clearly mild use of profanity indicates that I am undeserving of my chosen course of study. Fingers crossed I can get in with my academic advisor ASAP!!!

    • moderniste says:

      Oh dear. As a fellow English major and A Lady, my sensibilities have been ever so offended by this young ruffian’s feckless use of the eff word, delicate flower that I am. Thank you, kind sir, for defending my honor.

  3. mitchun says:

    In fairness, that almost certainly wasn’t a librarian, as claimed. It’s a common misconception that the person working the desk or shelving the book cart is a “librarian.” Librarians have masters degrees in Library Science and run the collection or the archive. The person at the desk was a clerk or, if they were elderly, likely a volunteer.

    Dickish move on her part, whoever she was, but I had to stick up for the librarians (who get this all the time).

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      That’s a good point, but I think you might be fighting a losing battle here. As far as the masses of humanity are concerned: person working at a library = librarian.

  4. SCUM says:

    Thinking that a person working in a library is a librarian is rather pedestrian.

  5. Drew says:

    Get her fired. She doesn’t deserve to work for City and County.

  6. What does Carina’s photo have to do with this post? NOTHING. That’s what.

    Why don’t you just ask her out bro?

  7. Stu says:

    That’s cool that RoboCop returned your phone. But why was he in the Ladies room?

  8. KUSFWTF says:

    note to jane: steer clear of the DMV, you might have a nuclear fucking meltfuckingdown.
    also liked the “government agency” bit. that was a nice touch.

  9. A Libarian says:

    As an Official SFPL Librarian, I’d advise going back to the Mission Branch and speaking with the Branch Manager. This person who is not a Librarian needs to be told she acted like a Fucking Idiot.

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