Beer, Popcorn and a Show – Just $10

Want some theater with your beer and salty snacks for a change? Chelsea G. has a deal for you:

I work at Z Space, over at Project Artaud at Florida and Mariposa. We’ve got a play running right now, The Companion Piece, that’s getting rave reviews and want to invite more of our Mission neighbors to it. We were wondering if you might be able to share this discount? For just $10 locals can get a ticket, a beer and a popcorn to any of the four remaining performances if they enter the code “neighbor” when ordering tickets here.

Thanks, Chelsea!

3 Responses to “Beer, Popcorn and a Show – Just $10”

  1. Jairaj says:

    what about “locals” from the Peninsula? ;)

  2. why says:

    I saw this on Saturday – was well worth checking out… Some great physical theatre stuff in the show.

  3. Icing the body Electric says:

    I also caught this– a fun show. And the cheap bar in the theater (rocking bourbon, I might add) was a nice plus.