Thee Oh Sees Rule

But I missed the Nobunny/Dreamdate show. Was it epic? Should I cruise up to Sacramento tonight and catch it at the Hub?

7 Responses to “Thee Oh Sees Rule”

  1. The Sac town kids are hella fun to party with.

  2. Workisboringtoday says:

    FYI – No bunny are horrible.

  3. BK says:

    Nobunny is ridiculously fun live. Don’t know what kinda crack “workisboringtoday” is smoking.

  4. sipowitz says:

    i liked thee oh sees better when they were called thee headcoats…

  5. AttF says:

    Thee Oh Sees do rule and “fun” is how I politely describe bands who I think suck. I’ve seen No Bunny and would skip “fun” and just stick to “suck”. I’m happy to chalk that up to my opinion though.

  6. Pnerve says:

    I saw Nobunny changing into his outfit in his van in front of the Knockout.