Jalapeno Jam Sandwich

I think this is the first time we’ve ever posted a recipe. Brace yourself.

First, you make some cornbread, cut yourself a square and slap some whipped cream cheese on it:

Then you grab some Inna Jam brand Plenty Spicy Jalapeno Jam (available at Rainbow or online here):

And voila:

It rules. It’s like a big, savory (but also pretty sweet), frosted, spicy cake.

P.S. Looks like Inna also has a ruby red grapefruit jam in stock right now. Note to self…


This Jam Is My Jam!

5 Responses to “Jalapeno Jam Sandwich”

  1. SCUM says:

    I did this with my friends homemade jalapeno jelly, two kinds of creamy goat cheese and thin dark rye bread, fucking awesome.

  2. FrontButt says:

    I just vomited in my mouth. Then swallowed it. Bet it tasted better than… whatever the eff you call that up there.

  3. am says:

    back home we had pepper jelly, cream cheese & ritz crackers as a treat. sweet, spicy & salty. all cravings covered in 1 shot.

    I really like the corn bread substitute.

  4. buzzgirl says:

    To be more accurate, that’s not a recipe. It’s a method.

    I’d be willing to give it a try though!

  5. finally! says:

    just what the world needs, a food blog!