F. Scott Friday

What? You weren’t ready for Fitzgerald Friday? Well then, it’s time to get reacquainted!  Might I suggest starting out with one of my personal favorites:  May Day, a tale of drunken debauchery on a warm May night in 1919 New York?

Perhaps you’re the sensitive type, in which case you might be better served by “The Diamond As Big As the Ritz.” Or maybe it’s time for a makeover, so follow along as “Bernice Bobs Her Hair.”  If you’ve got a lot of spare time today, might as well go all the way with The Great Gatsby.  At the very least, try the “Nintendo” adaptation!

For some reason, every time I read F. Scott, I get this shot of confidence that makes me feel like I can do anything (like get a bloody mary for lunch)!  Are there any other authors that do that for you (besides Hunter S.)?

4 Responses to “F. Scott Friday”

  1. Dashiell Hammett — just try to read The Thin Man and not order 6 martinis.

  2. Corpus Nerd says:

    “‘Have another floor put on,’ said Mr. Out.”

  3. Caitlin says:

    “Bernice Bobs Her Hair” and “The Diamond As Big As the Ritz” are great. You could also read “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” to find out how funny it was before Brad Pitt ruined it.