Fog and Laser was fun

Let’s all play this Hot Chip song and look at some pictures:

It started out chill. You could just wander out onto the floor and trip out on the fog and lasers. And then the soundtrack kept getting more and more irresistible.

With a no-rules dance party, you run the risk of your playlist being too messy, too all-over-the-place — not cohesive. Not the case here. These guys covered a lot of musical ground, across numerous decades, but everything went together seamlessly.

So, Fog and Laser turned into a rager:

Can’t wait for the next one. Or for more laser portraits:

[All photos via Fog and Laser]

2 Responses to “Fog and Laser was fun”

  1. Katie Conry says:

    yes please

  2. moderniste says:

    Anything the Club Neon crew has done has been totally raging, esp. the 2nd annual Underwear Valentine’s Day sweaty orgy, complete with Aidan Dysart’s kick-ass posters.