First the Eagle, now Kitsch

Night Fog Reader (written by Kitsch Gallery insiders) has the scoop:

Kitsch Gallery (at 17th and Capp Street) will shut down at the end of May. The skinny is that the owner won’t renew the collective’s lease. Negotiations were held regarding the timing of the lease, but an agreeable situation was out of the question. We are all saddened by this outcome, but the good news is that Kitsch will not quietly disappear. The month of May will be very special. Planned are four final events to share with our friends and community.

Well, that’s somewhat heartening I suppose, but where are we all gonna hang out come the end of May? Read on.

6 Responses to “First the Eagle, now Kitsch”

  1. Allan Hough says:

    I had a dream about Kitsch the other night. Pearl Jam were playing a secret show there. Eddie Vedder was hell of short in real life, and his hair looked terrible. Some girl said, “What’s up with your hair?” And he was all, “It’s a secret show, man, you really think I’m gonna wash my hair for this?” I LOLd in my dream.

    Plus, they sounded just like the Black Lips, all jangly and with lots of harmonies.

  2. Artist says:

    This news has made me so happy. Adios trust-fund assholes, die forever in your shallow grave!!!

    • Pedro says:

      Hey, I’m not a trust-fund baby! You should come to one of the parties and nicely tell me that! :)

    • hah says:

      you’re so uninformed.

    • M says:

      Funny that you d assume someone is a trustfund babie, just because they are actually doing things… Hope you find a purpose to direct all that (negative) energy towards! Love, M