Local news

This week on Necessary Conversation, my favorite local newscast, Beth and Melissa open with a bit about Girafa and San Jose!

They also give us a rundown of all the SF mayoral hopefuls, and Beth tells us about being stereotyped on her recent trip to New York. Watch now:


5 Responses to “Local news”

  1. boo urns says:

    still trying to find the funny in any of these videos..

  2. Thank you Allan!

    And @boo urns: Alas, if you can’t find the funny in any of the videos, I don’t think we’re for you. But thank you for continuing on your quest. It must be exhausting.

  3. Pedro Navaja says:

    Ha, entertaining, and the candidate piece was informative!
    Now that San José is 40K richer, maybe they’ll improve their road signage so that I can bypass it easier.

    Just one thing, lovely Pilgrims; it’s pronounced [Hee rah fa].