Wind damage or what?

I mean, the wind nearly took down a whole theater marquee on Mission the other day, so I guess it’s not out of the question that it could’ve done this damage too. We Built This City offers up another explanation too:

Victim of yesterday’s wind? Or a drunken Saturday brouhaha? [link]

Okay, maybe some brawlers could’ve had a hand in this. OR, seeing as how this is right outside Bender’s, maybe bike parking was especially tough last night and it was a pile of bikes that felled this little sapling.

4 Responses to “Wind damage or what?”

  1. yo says:

    did anyone think to report this to ‘Friends of the Urban Forest’ so they can come by & help the damaged tree?

  2. Kate says:

    Did you see the downed true at Duboce Park? Messed up a Prius and everything…

  3. YAR! says:

    That’s been there a week; I vote ‘drunk’

  4. Jack Walker says:

    that is the result of a whoo hoo idiot. (see my older post about the tree I saved on Shotwell and 15)