Fucker/fuckee relationship advice

Ryan D. found this posted in his apartment and thought he’d share:

Some might mistakenly call this this a passive-aggressive note, but there’s really nothing “passive” about it. Please folks, tell your hook-up what apartment you live in. Using the process of elimination doesn’t work so well at 2:30am.

15 Responses to “Fucker/fuckee relationship advice”

  1. Jonboywalton says:

    It is passive-aggressive, aggressive would be to pound on each apartment door and shout it in each neighbor’s face.

  2. happy420 says:

    I’m 99% sure I used to live next door to whoever posted this.

  3. So many unanswered questions, there. How did the dude not know where his girlfriend lived? Or was he really that drunk? How did the other tenants know which door to post the note on? Did the dude end up looking for a bail-bondsman?

    • tk says:

      Could be a long-distance relationship and he’s visiting her and went out on his own and got to’ up.

      Almost exact same thing happened to me at my old place in Cole Valley. Some drunk Scottish guy was visiting friends who lived in the building and leaned on my buzzer at 3 am and then started pounding on the door b/c he couldn’t remember which apartment they lived in. Fucker.

    • Sweet T says:

      Was he even in the right building? Was he looking for his girlfriend’s apartment, or the apartment of the guy his girlfriend was sleeping with? Did anyone involved end up having sex after all that commotion?

    • thanks says:

      the connotation of the note seems to be that the author doesn’t believe this was really a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship . . .

  4. Betcha a lot of babies are born 9 months from now.

  5. Mark says:

    What is the apartment address? She sounds fun!

  6. SFNative says:

    Amazing what a bit of mace and a quick call to the authorities will do in this situation.

    • Jay says:

      Or even just kicking the shit out of him. Which is what I would have been inclined to do if someone was banging on my door at 3 am. Provided he wasn’t bigger than me/martial artist/Seal Team Six of course…

  7. henry k says:

    @Mark – you know that sounds a bit home-invasion/stalkerish/rapey?
    @Batman – the same?

    • batman says:

      DOOD ! have you not read my capers as documented in many comic books ?! all i do is break in and stalk ppl and call it “vigillante-ism”. how is this not u my alley ? :)

  8. Bubba Jude says:

    Firstly, if the pussy’s good enough to embarrass yourself at 2:35 in the morning, dude shoulda had the apartment address digits tattooed on his forehead. That’s just amateur stupidity personified.

    Secondly, if someone pounds on my door TWICE at 2:35 in the morning, that bail-bondsmen might be coming for me instead. That’s just ghetto smack-talking.

  9. Nuru says:

    Bubba: It sounds like this guy was looooong past the point of embarrassment.