MM Bloody Marython Round 2 this Sunday!

Now that we can finally manage to look a bloody mary in the face again without experiencing severe nausea after all of that ridiculous indulgence during our initial foray, we figured it was time to get moving on round 2 of the Mission Mission Bloody Marython.  Last time we held the tour on a Saturday to provide us with plenty of time to recover the next day, but that unfortunately forced us to miss all of the bartenders who bring their bloody mary best on a Sunday!  Luckily, thanks to the upcoming 3 day weekend afforded by Memorial Day, this is the perfect opportunity to delve into their creations while still enjoying a buffer day of recovery.

So, please join us at 12 noon this Sunday for the next installment of the Mission Mission Bloody Marython.  We haven’t exactly solidified the route yet, but at the moment the idea is to hit up (in roughly this order):

  • Thieves Tavern (14th @ Guerrero) – home of the vegan bloody mary
  • The Attic (24th @ Mission) – tiny cubes of cheese!
  • Pop’s (24th @ York) – maybe we can get some BBQ too
  • Phone Booth (26th and S. Van Ness) – a dark horse contender
  • Argus Lounge (Mission @ Valencia) – everyone keeps saying I need to try these

It will be a merry bloody mary fueled romp through the Mission, with a few nice walks in between for some exercise too!  Look, we even made a Facebook event page.  We’ll also probably post an update here when we finalize our route and schedule.  See you on Sunday at noon!

[Photo by Mike Chino]

14 Responses to “MM Bloody Marython Round 2 this Sunday!”

  1. SimonSays says:

    I’d integrate the Carnaval Parade route into this …

  2. oh it’s on.

    my money is on Jessi at Thieves.

    • Jay Beaman says:

      Yo, guys. Jessi moved on from Thieves but we’ve continued her vegan bloody mary party on Sundays. We’ll have a pile of tasty vegan bits for everyone and are stoked to see you guys.

  3. Hardcore Stalker says:

    The Argus has changed ownership and the sunday bartender who made the great bloodys has been fired.

  4. fineasspimp says:

    that bartender was a tool… super slow in service, socially inept, would avoid serving guys to flirt with their girlfriends. thank god he’s gone. oh, and please advise where he’s now working, so that i can avoid that bar!

  5. Garlfield says:

    Which one was that?

  6. buzzgirl says:


  7. moderniste says:

    Sponsored by Tums? I can just imagine the burps…

  8. D says:

    Sadly, bloody mary rockstar Chelsea at the attic will not be working this sunday. Make sure to have another go around when she is. Or just wait til next weekend, when its not carnival. It’s worth it.

  9. bloody mary is fantastic!