Rad t-shirt explains that Osama bin Laden is a Dodgers fan

[via 2cute2puke]

6 Responses to “Rad t-shirt explains that Osama bin Laden is a Dodgers fan”

  1. Wouldn’t that be more believable in BLUE?

  2. basho says:

    But we Giants fans are the ones who love “torture,” right, so does that mean the Giants = US foreign policy, while the Dodgers = Al Queda? Or are we the victims (who actually enjoy and can’t get enough) of “torture,” making the Dodgers terrorists and us — what? This t-shirt has confused me.

  3. Ponk Mexicano says:

    The only one that looks like a Taliban is Brian Wilson especially with that beard of his. “Fear the Beard?” What is it supposed to be a WMD? Please!

  4. willie wolf says:

    This tee shirt is only relevent if you are a San Francisco Giants fan. I have been a Giants fan since 1979 and have thought the LA Dodger are the worst organization since the devil. It is a Giants vs Dodgers thing that goes back decks starting New York city. It is not for everyone. LOVE THIS SHIRT.