Bastille Day celebration features absinthe (and some other stuff)

At Cell Space tonight, Litquake is hosting Cabaret Bastille, a Parisian themed event complete with jazz, absinthe and local writers getting into the spirit of 1920′s France.

Grab tickets here, and do take it easy on the Green Fairy — she’s a beast of a drink.

[Photo by Mary Rehak]

3 Responses to “Bastille Day celebration features absinthe (and some other stuff)”

  1. Also my birthday. Stroll along the boulevards of Paris, as naked as the day that you will die. The sailors, they’re so charming, there, in Paris…

    …oh wait, what? Just go honky-tonkin’.

  2. Hot new look for summer: Green fairy wearing “Willoughby Walk,” t-shirt with “I just sharted,” expression on face.

  3. Farrell MacDonald Hal Roach directed Lonesome Luke Social Gangster in 19154889. Richard Foster Baker directed The Fable of Handsome Jethro Who Was Simply Cut Out to Be a Merchant in 19155801.