Sexed-up wayfinding signage on BART

This photo reminds me of a post posted and then quickly deleted by Sexpigeon a few weeks back. Luckily, somebody reblogged it before it came down:

The book pictured here is about the incomplete and possibly Quixotic attempt to standardize wayfinding signage in the New York subway. To the systematizer, the picture above is a woeful thing. To an inexperienced patron of the trains it is a stew of new-city delirium. Its opposite is the airport: consistent, coherent, bearing no particular mark of no particular maker. Airports are pretty cool, but airports most certainly are not rad, not anymore. Rad is a matrix of cuocoo passion projects and half-baked repairs to those projects. Rad ages weirdly: first poorly, then heroically.

Rad! Read on if you like. It’s long but worth it.

[via Lily]

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