Some sort of revolution or a Ke$ha concert

The Tens on yesterday’s BART protest:

I either stumbled upon some sort of revolution or a Ke$ha concert, not sure which. [link]

Blam! Yep, it’s definitely looking like the graffiti is gonna more effective in the long term.

20 Responses to “Some sort of revolution or a Ke$ha concert”

  1. Guess I should be grateful that these dingbats don’t have the nuts to loot or set buses and buildings on fire. But some innocent bystander is gonna get pushed in front of a train, one of these days, and who’s going to protest that?

    • drip says:

      did someone get pushed in front of a train at a peaceful protest recently or is this just a scenario in your little fantasy world?

  2. doint says:

    Their biggest protest “Jobs are Stupid!”

    • Matthew says:

      They’re right.

      • SFdoggy says:

        Matthew: it is great if you think jobs are stupid. But I assume that means that you don’t expect to get any aid from a government that is entirely funded by either people with jobs or corporations that provide jobs? Am I correct? Or are you just one of the people who expect that others should provide for you?

  3. Stu says:

    This is bullshit. Take these protests to BART headquarters and stop fucking up everybody’s commute.

  4. Janey Smith says:

    we promise to burn buildings down next time, assholes.

    • Your account has been disabled. You’re welcome.

    • SFdoggy says:

      awww.. poor janey is upset that people aren’t taking her little protest seriously. I am soooo sorry that their are people who actually depend on BART to get to work and then back to their families. But Janey doesn’t care about this. Janey only cares about her little protest and she is really mad that others don’t agree with her. So she is going to make them agree with her by throwing a little tantrum.

      Really, grow up people. The BART protesters were just a bunch of self-centered little people who only care about their own self-proclaimed more superiority. They just need to get over themselves.

  5. AttF says:

    If I’ve learned anything in my 20+ years of Food Not Bombs events, punk/hardcore shows, and Crass/Nausea fandom, it’s that anarchists are total cowards and completely full of shit.

  6. rightofway says:

    protesting in nikes, and pumas… you show the world elite who’s boss guys!

  7. rick fields says:

    I hope that these wonderful discussions are all thats left as clues for future beings to learn about our culture.

    this witty banter is our cave paintings. our legacy.

  8. Josh says:

    I am completely enthralled by the guy in size 30 x 22 pants and electric blue shoes at the front of this photo. He just looks so happy that he’s at a real live protest. “is that someone taking a photo for a local blog?” *activate shit eating grin*

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